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Originally from a small rural town in northern Pennsylvania and a brief year in deep south Alabama, I attended Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, once renowned as The State Normal School for Education. In 1996 I attained a bachelor’s degree in the science of education K-12 for Spanish, which included a study abroad summer in Costa Rica. Upon commencement  I cautiously approached a dedicated career in education and elected instead to widen my world view. A job, yes job in business as a bilingual customer service representative and an international export coordinator provided the perfect vessel to provide an extension of my perspective and an enhanced level of maturity, that has proven essential to the trajectory of my journey. After four years of growth I started my career in education and immediately acquired the learning affliction. After fourteen years of teaching Spanish, specializing in at-risk students, and completion of a master’s degree in Technology in Education and Certificate in Advanced Studies for Educational Leadership, I joined the ranks of building administration in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. In 2016 my family relocated to Florida, where I currently work with at-risk students, and preparing for my next steps to continued growth, learning , and sharing.

Thanks for learning.

Robin Hawk

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