There is so much out there to read about education and learning that it is becomes a “Beetlejuice-like” moment as your head spins out of control with the endless literary possibilities, online blogs (not un-like this one), social media posts and professional development options. So the question becomes where to start? Whose advice is accurate?  When the classroom is not exactly the zen atmosphere you had envisioned on your first day of undergraduate studies where should you turn? The answer my friends lurks right on your own device.  It stares at you in your favorite selfie. It starts with the person staring back at you.

If you wake up and think about what you can do to be the best educator, you have what it takes. If you wake up and decide that you will not accept less than extraordinary effort from anyone around you, including yourself, then you have what it takes. If you wake up and wonder what new learning you can acquire today, then you have what it takes.  If you care a lot and refuse to give up, then you have what it takes. If you can manage to stand up just one more time than you have been knocked down then not only do you have what it takes, you will make it.

Welcome to a life packed with learning and fostering wisdom within others. Welcome to a roller coaster career filled with both heartache and euphoria. Welcome to the profession that supports all others. We are the foundation of society. The responsibility of the world rests on our shoulders. Do you have the “it” to carry us forward? Do you have it?